Investment Immigration

At we provide successful, internationally mobile, high net worth individuals and their families with upstanding counsel and expertise on secondary residence and citizenship-by-investment opportunities.
We understand the global investment immigration industry is a complex and dynamic interdependent business community comprising of sophisticated entrepreneurs who require access to settlement based, wealth preservation planning strategies, in a variety of international venues.
We provide our business clients and their families with simplified yet comprehensive and reliable solutions providing secondary residence and citizenship-by-investment opportunities through our network of experienced and accomplished professionals.
Alternative residence through investment immigration programs becomes an important consideration for many high net worth individuals. We frequently represent investors who seek fiscal solutions to address international tax agreements such as the 2014 Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and the 2014 OECD/G20 standard on automatic exchange of information.
We welcome the opportunity to provide our clients with residency based options that enhance quality of life, education opportunities and provide flexibility of travel in a safe and secure environment for family.